Sexy Pace Salute to Samantha

Her name is Samantha and her story is very typical of many of our customers. She came into the store a few months ago looking for a new pair of running shoes because she “wanted to get in better¬†shape.” Karen, one of our running associates, told her about our Monday night Sexy Pace runs and figured she’d give it a try. On her first Sexy Pace run they did (dreaded) hill repeats in Central Park, usually enough to scare away even experienced runners.

Samantha, working on her Sexy Pace!

Samantha, working on her Sexy Pace!


Samantha was hooked. She wanted more. She hasn’t missed a Sexy Pace run since.

Fast forward to last Saturday’s Frozen Penguin 5K Run. At the starting line… our very own Sexy Pacer, Samantha. At the finish line? Samantha, with a time of 27:13, good for 8th place in her age group. What’s next? A 10K?… a half?… a full marathon? There’s no stopping her now!

Way to go Sam! We love your positive attitude and we are all proud of you. Join us for Sexy Pace on Monday nights at 6:30pm, and you’ll meet Sam —¬†and many other inspiring runners like her.

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