Snow Day! And Thursday Trivia

While you’re all hunkering down for yet another snowstorm (with another one on its way) you should definitely trudge on up to our store. We are in the midst of a store-wide renovation which means two things:

  1. Some dust and inconvenience for us, and…
  2. Lots of bargains for you!

And the best thing is that you can get huge markdowns on lots of cold weather gear — Jackets, Half-zips, Pants. . . all on sale. . . some 50% off! Plus, a table of running shoes, some as low as $49! All brands are on sale, so come on in and fill yourself with the warmth that a good bargain can give you!

up to 50% off. . . great time to stock up!

up to 50% off. . . great time to stock up!


Hey, it’s Thursday so it’s time for our Thursday Trivia Challenge. Lots of answers to last week’s question, and though we appreciate your enthusiasm for the good ol’ Red, White & Blue, the United States does not have the most winter Olympic gold medals. Actually, it’s another country with the same colors in its flag that does — Norway! By the way, Norway also has the most silver and bronze medals too. Congrats to Kent Young who had the correct answer. Come on in and claim your New York Running Company t-shirt.

Norway, winner of 107 Winter Olympic gold medals... and counting

Norway, winner of 107 Winter Olympic gold medals… and counting


Here’s this week’s question: Last Sunday was the 50th anniversary of the Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show and the beginning of the “British Invasion” in the United States. Where did the Beatles play their final concert in the United States?¬†Send your answer to (put “Trivia” in the subject line) and we’ll pick one winner at random from all the correct answers. ¬†Internet glory and a new t-shirt await you!


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