Spring Ahead at NYRC

It’s another sign that maybe, just maybe, we can look at winter in the rear view mirror. Granted, spring doesn’t start officially until March 20, but last night we set our clocks ahead. (Uh, if you didn’t, you’re running an hour late for everything today!)

What does this mean, aside from one less hour of sleep last night? It’s going to be light out later in the day. Sunset tonight is at 6:56pm!! Running after work is not going to be a shot in the┬ádark any more!

And soon enough the temperatures will begin to rise. Gone will be the jackets, tights and other layers we have been running with. It’s the best time of year and we are getting ready with the next wave of our Run This Town Training Programs, which start later this month.


We will again offer two training programs, Couch to 5K and Half Marathon. Both meet twice each week (one weekday evening and one weekend morning respectively). Please feel free to come on into our store to meet our coaches and to learn more.

To register, please click on the links below:

– Couch to 5K (10 weeks) — cost $50: click here

– Marathon (12 weeks) — cost $100: click here

And yes, soon we’ll be running in just a t-shirt and shorts, and complaining how hot it is! Won’t that be great?

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    • Columbus Circle says

      We will post the days and times for these Training Groups this week, as well as the start dates for each program. For the session we just concluded, the 5K program met Weds evening and Saturday morning. The Half marathon group was on Thursday night and Sunday morning. Thank you for your interest.

    • Columbus Circle says

      The Couch to 5K Program will begin on Wednesday, March 26. It will meet on Wednesdays at 6:30pm and Saturdays at 9:30am for 10 weeks. The Half Marathon program starts on Thursday, March 27 and will meet on Thursday nights at 6:30pm and Sunday mornings at 9:30am for 12 weeks.

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