Staff Pick Tuesday: Feetures Socks

How Feetures Changed My Life

Feetures sock

By Kelly Ann, New York Running Company veteran and triathlete

It all started for me when I was a new employee at New York Running Company and one of the managers asked me what kind of socks I was wearing. When I pulled off my shoes he recoiled in horror. I had violated one of the cardinal rules of NYRC: Thou shalt not wear cotton socks!

He handed me a pack of socks and said “Seriously, these are going to change your life.” With a build up like that, I was skeptical to say the least. What could these socks do that my lowly cotton pair could not? So I put them on…

Feetures hugged my feet like no other sock I ever tried. The light compression around my entire foot was enhanced by “power bands” of Lycra around the midfoot. Feetures have seamless toes and a high thread count, so they feel nice in all the right places. They are made of a high performance material so they wick moisture away from your feet.

Six years later I can proudly say that I am a loyal Feetures wearer. I no longer have problems with blisters and my socks never slide when I run. I am confident in recommending Feetures to anyone who comes into our store. They are available in a variety of styles and weights (even Merino wool), so whether you like thick or thin, high or low, there’s a Feetures sock for you.

Feetures logoAnd one more thing: all Feetures socks come with a Lifetime Guarantee, so they are comfortable and durable. I hope you come on in and try Feetures.  They’ll change your life!


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