Staff Pick Tuesday — From The Doors?


The Grid


By Mike, New York Running Company associate with notoriously tight IT Bands


Rock ‘n’ Roll icon Jim Morrison and his band The Doors were way ahead of their time. It was in their classic song “Roadhouse Blues” that Morrison uttered a seemingly innocuous phrase, but one that could unlock the secret for healthy, pain-free and stronger running.

“You gotta roll, roll, roll, roll. You gotta thrill my soul, alright!”

Unfortunately for Doors fans, The Grid Foam Roller from Trigger Point wasn’t around back in 1970 when the song hit the charts.

The Grid takes the traditional foam roller and makes it better. A solid inner core is surrounded by sturdy EVA foam. But that’s not all… the foam is designed with various grooves and bumps that achieve two things. 1) It gives a deeper massage of your aching muscles, and 2) it does a better job stmulating blood flow than traditional foam rollers.

I have made The Grid part of my nightly regimen, especially after a run or other activity. I use The Grid for my aching IT Bands, my calves, hamstrings and quads. The fancy term for all of this is self myofacial release. All I know is that it works. It helps my recovery between runs and it is also a great way to warm up your muscles before a run.


The Grid exercise

The Grid might be the best $40 you’ll spend as a runner. I will predict that other members of your family will also get in on the fun. Come on into our store and let me, or one of my colleagues, show you how we use The Grid!

Don’t take it from me. Just grab The Grid and do what Jim Morrison said to close the song… “Let it roll, baby roll. Let it roll, baby roll. Let it roll, baby roll… All night long!”


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