Staff Pick Tuesday: Sport-Wash



Sport-Wash in hand


By Glenn, fitness king of NYRC and resident clothes horse

Yeah, our Staff Picks usually center on running shoes, or running apparel. This week, our reviewer is Glenn and, well, ┬áhe’s got a different way of thinking. After all, this is a guy who schedules his work at NYRC around his workouts. Whether it’s running, lifting, plyometrics, Glenn is doing it. Heck, he’s been known to squeeze in a round of pull-ups in our stock room between customers.

“So what is your staff pick Glenn?” we asked. “Sport-Wash,” he replied.

“No, seriously.”

“I am being serious.” And if you know Glenn like we do, you know that he’s always serious about his fitness. And his clothes. But Sport-Wash?

“Hey, I am always wearing my workout clothes and I don’t like to smell. With all the synthetic fabrics it’s hard to get things clean. I would try scented detergents, concentrated detergents and nothing would clean my running clothes well enough.”

“Hey, I shower before and after every workout, and my clothes always had that smell. I tried Sport-Wash and my clothes smell fresh when I put them on, and better even after I run. This stuff works.”

There you have it. Try Sport-Wash, available in two sizes: 20 ounces ($10.00) and 42 ounces ($20.00).


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