Super Runners Need Superfeet, plus the Thursday Trivia Challenge

What do we like to do on our days off? Well, we like to run. But when we’re not running, we’re learning — about shoes and other things running related. This week we were invited to a seminar by our friends at Superfeet and we learned a lot about these amazing inserts.

A variety of Superfeet, for every runner

A variety of Superfeet, for every runner


Superfeet were created by leading sports podiatrists who realized a fundamental flaw in athletic footwear — every running shoe is flat on the inside. Our feet, which are designed to react to changing surfaces and terrain, and the forces of running, are not flat. Enter Superfeet, which allows the 28 bones and 33 joints of the foot to maintain better shape and better function.

Our feet strike the ground 1,600 times per mile. The force of those strikes can be 6-8 times your body weight. That’s a lot of pounding. For over 35 years Superfeet has continued to develop and improve the unique shape and construction of their insoles, giving runners a number of fits that will allow improved efficiency, and healthier running.

Anna Ranck of Superfeet, with Mack and Mike of our Columbus Circle store

Anna Ranck of Superfeet, with Mack and Mike of our Columbus Circle store


Come on in and try Superfeet. Step on them. Put them in your shoes. Take them for a run on our treadmills. We are sure you’ll feel a difference immediately. We especially recommend the new Superfeet Carbon, a lighter and stronger version perfect for tight fitting and lighweight running shoes. Learn more about Superfeet here.

OK fans, time for the Thursday Trivia Challenge. This week’s winner is Peter King, who correctly guessed that Terrence Mann was the name of James Earl Jones’ character from “Field of Dreams.” Peter, come on in and claim your prize, a New York Running Company t-shirt. Since we’re still in a baseball mood around here, here’s an easy question for this week. How many stitches are in an official baseball? Send your answers to (put “Trivia” in the subject) and we’ll select one winner at random from all the correct entries.



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