The ING NYC Marathon is Less Than 4 Weeks Away!

That’s right folks. . . 45,000 runners will be running the five boroughs of NYC in just 27 days! No wonder we have been blowing through our the supplies of Gels, GUs, hydration belts and other nutrition and accessories. It’s been great to speak to our customers about their marathon training. Whether it’s your first marathon or you’re an experienced runner, it’s a tremendous journey — filled with challenges to overcome and the incredible satisfaction of achievement.  We saw lots of runners in our store on Sunday after the Greta’s Great Gallop Half Marathon, for many an important milestone in their marathon training.

Here are some key reminders for your last 4 weeks:

– Finalize your race-day nutrition and hydration strategies. . . now is the time to experiment with different flavors and types of nutrition and determine how your will handle intake of fluids.

–  Determine what shoes you will wear for the big day. . . is there still life in your current pair? If you are getting new shoes you still have time to break them in, but don’t wait too much longer.

– Take care of yourself. . . use a foam roller or other massage tool to make your achy muscles feel better, before and after your runs. Better yet, get a massage!

Of course, you should come in to see the running professionals at New York Running Company if you have any questions or concerns. We are all experienced runners and we are here to help you achieve your goals!



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