The Joy of Socks – Item of the Week Wednesday

It’s something many of us take for granted but is so important to keep our feet happy.

Our Item of the Week is Feetures socks!

Feetures logotype

Let’s face it, there’s not a lot of “equipment” necessary to be a runner. Of course, you need running shoes. Of almost equal importance are socks. So important that we encourage everyone to try on a pair of Feetures.

Feetures use a special blend of natural and synthetic fibers that keep your feet dry and also feel great against your skin. Their “Perfect Toe” — a trademarked, seam-free toe closure — ensures maximum comfort. Feetures have a supportive fit that eliminates movement inside the shoe, with high performance wicking fibers that breathe easily and wick away moisture to keep feet cool, dry and blister-free.

Feetures elite color

And, Feetures now come in an array of bright colors. Come check out Feetures — available in three different weights — on our new sock wall!



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