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Camp Runco Kickball and Sexy Pace Tonight


It’s a big Monday at our Columbus Circle store. Tonight we welcome Asics, who will be hosting our Sexy Pace run. It’s a great chance for you to learn more about your favorite Asics shoes and maybe even demo a pair. Tonight is also Camp Runco night. After being rained out the last two weeks, the skies look clear for […]

It Sure Doesn’t Feel Like Spring

The new, expnaded shoe wall, part of our store renovation

Man, we’re not going to get a break anytime soon. After teasing us with 60 degree weather on Saturday, Mother Nature is giving it to us big time today… 21 degrees… and a chance of snow tomorrow!  Ouch. So it’s a perfect time to remind you about the upcoming Spring session of our “Run This […]

Ahh, the Vernal Equinox is Here… Thursday Trivia Challenge

Jeneane Kee shows off her NYC Half medal with Coach Steph

Maybe you felt it… the sky was a bit brighter, the air a little fresher, and even New Yorkers seemed to be in a better mood. That’s because at 12:57pm today, spring began. It’s been a long winter and we can’t wait to see the buds blooming on the trees and fragrant flowers all around […]