Transcend Your Run + Thursday Trivia Challenge

Big news here at New York Running Company. Our renovation is fully underway, as the rear of our store (including our famous shoe wall) has been demolished. We are soldiering on despite the dust and we are still committed to giving you the top-notch service that our customers have come to expect despite the dust around us.

Special news this week. . . the launch of the much-anticipated Brooks Transcend. This new shoe is rolling out with a great deal of fanfare, and after trying it on you’ll know why. It’s a shoe that provides the guidance of a stability shoe with an incredibly soft ride. Instead of traditional posting found in most stability shoes, the Transcend offers “Guide Rails” that give you the alignment you need for your run. An innovative upper design provides great comfort and control.

Brooks Transcend

With the Transcend, you will “Rise Above the Run.” To get the full picture of the “galactic experience” of the Brooks Transcend, click here.

Come to our store this Monday, February 10 at 6:00pm (note special earlier time), when Brooks will put an “out of this world” spin on our weekly Sexy Pace run. Not only will you get to try on these the new Transcend, but runners will be sent off on a special mission. . . to find — wait for it — a Brooks astronaut. We’ll give you all the details and coordinates on Monday night. Sound like fun? Well, in addition to prizes and other swag, runners will get to enjoy some genuine “astronaut ice cream.”

Tomorrow is the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, which brings us to the theme of our Thursday Trivia Challenge. Kudos to Melanie Firestone, who correctly answered last week’s question. “Bullet” Bob Hayes is the only man to win Olympic gold (100 meter and 4×100 meter relay in 1964 Olympics) and the Super Bowl with the Dallas Cowboys. Melanie, come on in and claim your NYRC t-shirt! Special mention to our own Jerode King, who pointed out that Hayes is the only runner to win the Olympic 100 meter dash in lane 1.

Bob Hayes, winning Olympic gold in 1964

Bob Hayes, winning Olympic gold in 1964

This week’s question salutes the winter Olympics: Name the country that has won the most gold medals in winter Olympics history. (Hint: the population of the nation is only 5 million). Send your answers to (put “Trivia” in the subject) and we’ll select a winner from all the correct answers.  Good luck!

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