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2XU Calf Sleeves

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By Jerode, resident running historian and bearer of ridiculously well-muscled calves

Many customers come to our store and ask about those colorful calf sleeves they’ve seen on many runners. We are believers in compression sleeves, none more so than Jerode, one of our senior running associates.

“I use them during runs. They make my calves feel powerful because they stimulate blood flow and help my body pump new oxygen into my lower limbs.” he says. There are other benefits to calf sleeves as well. First of all, warmth, not only in the cold months of winter but for early morning and evening runs. The compression also helps your muscles. “Wearing calf sleeves holds your muscles in place and reduces vibrations,” adds Jerode. Keep in mind that calf sleeves are important after your run too. “And after a long run my calf sleeves help my recovery time… less soreness, less stiffness, shorter recovery.”

Oh yeah, one more thing. “Paula Radcliffe wears them… and she’s run a 2:15 marathon (women’s world record). Man, she’s fast!”

2XU calf sleeves color

Come into our store and try on 2XU calf sleeves, available in a variety of colors. And while you’re here, ask Jerode to show off his magical calf muscles.


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