Tuesday’s Staff Pick

ACCEL GEL from Pacific Health Labs

Accel Gel


By Nyles, veteran runner and shoe guru

Nyles is one of the “go to” guys at New York Running Company. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, people come from all over the tri-state area to listen to him drop some pearls of wisdom about training, running gear and running shoes. Man, does this guy love his shoes!

So it was a big surprise when he submitted his choice for this week’s Staff Pick. We were all breathlessly waiting to see which shoes would get his nod. Finally, he was ready to reveal his choice…

Accel Gel! Accel Gel? Wait, there must be some mistake. “Nope,” said Nyles. “I use Accel Gel before and during every workout, and I encourage all the people I coach to do it too.”

We all tend to overlook the basics. We’re surrounded by the latest shoes and apparel. Leave it to Coach Nyles to remember the important things, like, well, nutrition.

“Accel Gel works for me,” added Nyles. “It has 100 mg of caffeine which allows me to perform at my very best.” Another key component of Accel Gel? “It also has protein (5 mg) that helps your muscles recover and heal.”

“And it tastes great… Chocolate or Double Espresso flavors are both great!”

Accel Gel Double box

There you have it folks. Give Accel Gel a try next time you come to New York Running Company. Look for it in the silver box in our nutrition display. And if you’re here on a Tuesday evening, join Coach Nyles for his “Fast Twitch Tuesday” workouts. Bring your Accel Gel… you’ll need it!

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