We Salute Alessandro Volta

It sounds like the name of a great runner, right? In lane 3, from Italy, Alessandro Volta! But no.

Who is Alessandro Volta and why are we saluting him today?

Battery 2

Well, today is National Battery Day. Alessandro Volta, born on this day in 1745, is credited with inventing the “Voltaic pile,” what we now know as the battery. Which gives us pause, just to think about how many devices we use that depend on the energy of a battery, starting with our cars, all the way down to household items like flashlights and remote controls.

We runners know all about energy, though our energy comes from the internal “battery” deep within us all. . . We call it motivation. It’s what gets us going, even on the cold mornings of late, or the dog days of summer. It’s what we rely on to get us through that long run, to power us up that last hill, to push ourselves for a PR.

So we salute you, Alessandro Volta. And we salute you, our runner friends, for summoning your inner energy source.  Let us know what your secrets are and how you get the energy to run… and keep running.


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  1. Bobcat says

    My secret weapon for energy pre run is oatmeal and bannas. This gives me enough fuel for a long run or any track workout.

    PS Give the oatmeal some time to settle in before you head out for a run. At least 45min- 1hr


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