We’re Wiggin’ Out With ON – Thursday Trivia Challenge

On Shoes always get attention in our store. People gravitate to these somewhat strange looking shoes, with their most recognizable (and different) feature — the “clouds” on the outsole. These clouds, actually a series of rubber protrusions, serve two functions: compression/cushioning on impact and response on push off.

Even better, when our customers try on a pair of ON shoes, they very often buy them. They are unique in the way they feel and the way they make you feel when you’re running. Leave it to ON to take it, um, a step further with their new shoe, the Cloud. With a specially-molded EVA outsole, the Cloud is incredibly lightweight and incredibly cushioned. We debuted the Cloud at the recent NYC Half Marathon Expo and the response was overwhelming!


The new Cloud from ON

The new Cloud from ON


Now it’s time for you to try on the Cloud, this Monday night, March 31, at 6:30pm. ON is hosting a first-ever event… “Wiggin’ Out With ON!” In conjunction with our Sexy Pace group run, ON is asking all runners to run with a wig. Why? “Because wigs are ridiculous,” says Mike Robinson of ON. “And when was the last time you went for a run wearing a wig?” Hey, we need some smiles around here after the winter we’ve had, right? And there will be a special prize for the best wig/costume!

Let’s not forget about our Thursday Trivia Challenge. Unfortunately, we received no correct answers to last week’s question, but lots of guesses. The first host of “Jeopardy” was Art Fleming, who hosted the show from March, 1964 through January, 1975. With Opening Day upon us, we take today’s question from the world of baseball… baseball movies in particular. In “Field of Dreams,” what is the name of the reclusive author (played by James Earl Jones) that Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) must find? Send your answers to newyork@run.com (put “Trivia” in the subject) and we’ll pick one winner at random from all the correct responses. Send in your answers… Internet glory (and a free New York Running Company t-shirt) can be yours!

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