We’ve Got GU For You!

This week’s Item of the Week is found right at in front of cash register counter, where we’ve got a whole display of colorful foil packs. We’re talking GU people. . . the original energy gel.


Which GU is for you?

Which GU is for you?


Since 1991, the fine folks at GU Energy, based in Berkeley, CA, have been putting out these little packets of energy. Each pack is 100 calories and has just the right mix of sugars and carbs to give you the energy you need during your run. Exactly what is in these packets is a closely guarded state secret, but here’s what we know — GU works. Each terrific flavor contains 85% complex carbs and 15% simple sugars, plus amino acids. These ingredients give you a both an immediate burst and sustained energy. Most GU flavors also contain caffeine, which has been shown to improve overall performance and lower your perceived effort. And here’s something we just learned — GU contains 100% of your daily dose of vitamins C and E.


GU logo

Come on in a try some GU. Buy them by the box and you can save 15%. We recommend you have a packet 15 minutes before your workout and every 30-45 minutes during your run. As for which flavor you should buy, well that’s a personal taste. However, we will confess that we miss the Salted Caramel flavor!

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