Your Running Clothes Stink!

Yeah, we’ve all been there. You wash your running clothes and you just can’t get rid of the smell. Yeah, that smell!

The problem is not about your sweat. . . it’s about how you’re washing your running gear. Moisture-wicking fabrics that are used in running apparel are notoriously hard to wash properly. Enter this week’s Item of the Week: SPORT-WASH!

Sport-Wash in hand

Sport-Wash is specially formulated to clean high-performance sports fabrics. Unlike regular detergent that leaves residue and gets trapped in fibers of technical fabrics, Sport-Wash rinses clean. Not only will your clothes smell better, they will perform better. Sport-Wash maintains the waterproofing and breathability of fabrics.

Come on in and check out Sport-Wash, our Item of the Week. . . available in two sizes: 20 ounces ($10.00) and 42 ounces ($20.00). 


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