First day of spring!


My run in the Park

My run in the Park!

Can you smell that, New Yorkers? It’s the smell of mud and flower buds and sunshine and SPRING !!! We’ve done it-we deserve it. It’s been a brutal winter here in the City, and we are stoked for the balmy, Caribbean breezes that are SURELY coming our way. Right? RIGHT?! I’ve already decided I’m putting my winter coat away for the season, no matter what happens. My NorthFace rain jacket and I will face whatever comes our way.

Also, amazing news, now that the weather is better: did you know we have fantastic, competitively priced training programs? Whether you’re looking to run your first 5K or train for a half, we have a program for you.

  • Couch to 5K — meets Wednesday night at 6:30pm and Saturday morning at 9:00am; starts Weds. March 26 and will continue for 10 weeks. Cost is $50. To register, click here
  • Half Marathon — meets Thursday night at 6:30pm and Sunday morning at 8:30am; starts Thursday, March 27 and will continue for 12 weeks. Cost is $100. To register, click here


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