Grand Re-Opening Celebration – Coming Soon

It’s been a looong winter. Heck, even spring has been a little cool so far. But now with the weather getting a little bit warmer and consistent it is time to celebrate with our customers.

Celebrate what?

Celebrate our new store location. And celebrate the renovation of our Columbus Circle store (at Time Warner Center). And celebrate some of our favoriite brands. And celebrate the joy we get from running and fitness. So get ready for our Spring Grand Re-Opening Week, from April 28 through May 3.

GRO image Central Park

Here are some of the highlights:

– Monday, April 28 – No Sleep Til Brooklyn Run, sponsored by Brooks — we will depart our Time Warner Center store, stop at the East Side store, and then continue on to Trash Bar in Williamsburg. It’s about a 6 mile run, followed by some fun, Billy-burg style.

– Wednesday, April 30 – Spring Fashion Show, hosted by Brooks — come to the Time Warner store to see┬áthe greatest looks in spring running apparel from the Pure Project line; watch for special guest “models” from some of our favorite local running groups.

– Thursday, May 1 – Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt Join our charity partner, Back On My Feet, as we head out to Central Park for a Group Adventure Run that will include a photo scavenger hunt. You can also try on the latest shoes from Saucony.

– Friday, May 2 – Runners’ Happy Hour Join ON Running Shoes at our location for a great demo run and a night of fun and cool drinks.

– Saturday, May 3 – Nike Flyknit Launch Party Come to the Time Warner store for a Group Run in Central Park, hosted by Nike. Runners who participate in the above events will be eligible to receive a bracelet that will serve as an invitation to a mystery celebrity meet-and-greet after the run.

It will surely be an exciting few days, and we look forward to celebrating with all of you. Thanks so much for your patience these last few months as we re-opened and rebuilt our stores to better serve your needs.

Stay tuned for more details

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