Happy Valentines Day!

Love Is…

Love 2-14

  • “Love is…finding a dollar in your jeans when they just come out of the wash.” – M.V.
  • “Love is…a beautiful butterfly.” – A.S.
  • “Love is…no comment” – F.L.
  • “Love is…underwear fresh from the dryer.” – R.L.
  • “Amor vincit omnia.” – S.S.
  • “Love is…Game of Thrones…and Breaking Bad.” – N.L.
  • “Love is…the runner’s high.” – A.R.
  • “Love is…the new shoe smell.” – F.S.
  • “Love is…knowing everything about me and liking me anyway, I.D. (My sun and stars.)” – J.P.
  • “Love is…n’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.” – B.B.
  • “Love is…a new pair of socks. Even better yet, taking your socks off at the end of the day.” – K.F.
  • “Love is…patience and time.” – A.R.

Find it in everything, y’all. Love is…all around.



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