Local Running Route: 2.4 Mile Triangle Park Loop

Great Beginner’s Loop to Triangle Park

Check out the Triangle Park loop for a flat and beginner-friendly 2.4 mile course. The route starts and ends at NYRC-Garden City. Check out the turn by turn directions below:

1) Leave NYRC and take a left on Franklin Avenue.

2) Make your first right onto Stewart Avenue. Run up Stewart for 4 blocks.

3)Take a left onto Westbury Road. Run up Westbury for 2 blocks.

4)Make a left onto Wetherill Road. Run up for 3 blocks.

5) Take a left onto Wyatt Road and then your first right onto Lefferts Road.

6) Run up Lefferts Road 4 blocks to Transverse Road and make a left.

7) Run 2 blocks, past the Court Building, and take a left onto County Seat Drive.

8)Run 1 big block to 11th Street and make a right.

9) Take 11th street for 1 big block and then make a left onto Franklin Avenue (make sure to use the crosswalk).

10) Run down Franklin Avenue for 4 blocks and finish with a right hand turn onto Seventh Street.


What are some of your favorite local runs? Let us know and we will post it up for all to see!

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