Product Review: Craft Performance Stretch Tights and Jacket

craf1tCraft Performance Run Stretch Tights


I recently began to run again and chose one of the coldest days so far on Long Isand to begin my training. I soon realized I was not in the right outdoor apparel. I did some research and bought Craft Performance stretch tights and jacket. I learned that this product is both water and wind protected. It provides advanced moisture transport and great ventilation. Made with Ventair system to keep the wind off your body while keeping your body at an ideal working tempature. I was warm yet not overheated. This clothing line is not only functional but stylish!

 WHAT a huge difference. Not only was I able to run longer but I was very comfortable and dry. Craft has a very good quality of fabric which provided me with optimal function and freedom of movement. I was concerned that I would overheat or feel constricted but to my surprise I was neither.  

I would highly recommend Craft products to any runner who endures inclement weather running. I was highly impressed with both the tights and jacket!

Woman Craft Performance Tights $120.00

Woman Craft Jacket $125.00

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