KT Tape is both an injury prevention and a recovery product.

Kinesiology Tape

KT Tape Product Review

As a runner with multiple surgeries and chronic pain in my shoulders, it was difficult to find a way to ease my discomfort while in constant motion. KT Tape has kept me moving by gently aligning my body in a constructive way without being restrictive. The tape suggests the position in which my shoulder will comfortably move without forcing it one way or another, which prevents my body from fighting the support.

There are two kinds of tape: synthetic and cotton. The synthetic tape is by far superior in durability. It can last 4-7 days. The cotton has a shorter life span, and the stretch isn’t as impressive. It comes in various motivational colors including but not limited to: Hero Pink, Winner Green, Stealth Beige and Jet Black.

The tape should be applied to a clean, dry, lotion-free surface. The strips are pre-cut for simple application, and the website has easy to follow tutorials on the process.

A similar product would be Rocktape- a cotton synthetic tape that has the same purpose. This tape comes in a variety of sizes and colors, but I found it to be more difficult to work with. The KT Tape was pre-cut and user friendly while Rocktape tended to bunch up on my skin in a more noticable way. I felt like I had something on, whereas when I am wearing KT Tape I forget all about it. I’m getting the support I need without the constant reminder. I also found Rocktape to be more expensive because it didn’t last me as long. The price averages $20 per roll.

I highly reccomend KT Tape! If you have an injury or are looking to prevent injury, this tape is magic.

KT Pro: (Synthetic) $19.99
KT Cotton: $12.99

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