lucyLucy Track Goddess Half Zip/Lucy Perfect Booty

I was drawn to these products immediately because of the style and fabric quality. Once I tried  on the Lucy Perfect Booty,  I could feel how comfortable the pants were and they did lift my posterior, as promised. It also flatten my stomach at the same time. This product has max compression, moisture wicking, quick drying and retains its shape after wear and washing. I love wearing my Perfect Booty pants to yoga, running, cardio and just out shopping. The pants are flattering and very comfortable. I would compare this pants to Lulelemon and hands down Lucy is a far superior product at the similar price point.

I also bought Lucy Track Goddess Half Zip and I love it! It’s soft and comfortable and as promised quick drying and the fabric is ideal for high-energy activities. I found that it ran true to size and very flattering to all shapes and sizes. I know that I will be buying more Lucy apparel in my near future due to the great quality and of course style!

Perfect Booty Pants: $108.99

Track Goddess Half Zip: $89.99

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