Truths About Running: Rotating Sneakers

 How many pairs of running sneakers do you have?

Majority of people will say 1.

sneakersDid you know experts say you should have AT LEAST 2 pairs of running sneakers? It’s true! Much like your body, your sneakers need to rest. The EVA foam in the midsole of the sneaker need time to decompress and dry out.

Is there any feeling better than running in a pair of sneakers fresh out of the box? That fluffy foam midsole and uncreased upper hugging your foot better than your own mother!

Now imagine how that foam will feel after slamming with over 300 pound of pressure about 10,000 times every day! That foams not so soft anymore is it?

Every step you take you are pounding the ground with roughly 2.5X your body weight (A 150 lbs person= 375 lbs of force) and every mile is right around 2,000 steps running.

After a run your sneakers need about 1-2 days to fully decompress. Running in compressed sneakers will reduce shock absorption and lead to a higher risk of injury.

Do yourself a favor and get yourself a second pair of sneakers.

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