Truths About Running

This is going to be a continuing blog about the less glamorous aspects about running and how to do what you can to make sure you don’t become a statistic supporting these ugly facts.

As we Spring into March it’s closer and closer to beach season which means one thing: flip-flops. As you know, if you are one, these are the avid runner’s worst nightmare. Painted toes and smooth feet are not something we are accustomed to. Blisters and callouses, mangled or missing toenails, cringe worthy and embarrassing at the best of times (or in the pedicure chair), painful and unbearable at the worst.  

Prevention tip:

Feetures 2-19

Feetures Elite Socks: $15
Light Cushion: Sherbet/Fuchsia, Sky Blue/Melon, Fiery Red/Silver, Electric Green/Silver, Fuchsia/Reflector, White, Grey and Black.
Ultra Light: Honeydew/Iris, Melon/Hot Coral, Pink/Aqua, Hot Coral/Sky Blue, Olympian Blue/Orange, Lavender/Melon, White/Reflector, Grey and Black.








When you’re too late:

blister protectors 2-19

Blister Protectors: $10














To be continued…

Come share your horror stories with us today. We love to hear them.

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