Boston Advice-hills and pacing

With the Boston Marathon approaching, we thought we would share our experience with distance running, pacing and hills. 

It is not wise or prudent to run each single mile at the exact same mile split.  With the proliferation of GPS tools, this may be a little counterintuitive, but let us explain.

 Your times should vary a good bit based on the difficulty of the terrain.  You should be mindful of having a similiar intensity and heartrate(HR) throughout the event and let the pace fluctuate a bit.  The miles with the most uphill should be a bit slower and the miles where there are net downhills should be a bit faster.  That typed, we dont recommend a cannonball or kamikaze approach to the downhills as you will pay for that in the back half of the race; run as fast as you can with as little effort as possible. 

Running based on effort and heartrate is a much better way to manage your race successfully rather than trying to hit your goal pace every mile where your effort and HR are fluctuating wildly – you can only go to the well so many times before it is empty. 

We hope this helps and have a great race if you are going to Boston for the marathon.

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