Feeling Inspired

We thought we would share a little inspiration that has been graciously presented to us recently. 

A young woman was in recently noting that she is training for the Boston Marathon, which isnt too unusual given our proximity to Boston and the time of year.  In talking about that with her, she let us know that she was one of the many injured spectators last year.  This year, she is running it to be able to own that and show that she isnt going to let that dark day be her identity in Boston.  There is a lot of sadness in her story but underlying it all is her strength.  Wow. 

A gentleman that is a resident of greater Boston, who visits Greenwich frequently as he has a friend down here, is preparing to run the Boston Marathon.  He has run it 32 years in a row!!  The BAA has a special group and designation for folks that have run it over 25 times and he told us that there is over 100 runners among this special, hard core group and that many of them have become close friends and training partners over the years. 

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