Roosevelt Island Loop

Starting at the New York Running Company-Eastside, this route is a loop around Roosevelt Island.

This 10 mile route first takes you across the Queensboro Bridge and into Astoria. The run initially drops nearly 70 feet within the first two miles before leveling off for a flat run. Just after the 2 mile marker, you’ll pass Queens Bridge Park and head north of Vermont Blvd. On 36th Avenue, you’ll pass the 3 mile marker and cross the Roosevelt Island Bridge. From there, you’ll run counter-clockwise around Roosevelt Island along the path with New York City just across the river. The loop around the island is nearly 4 miles, before you’ll retrace your steps back across the Roosevelt Island Bridge, into Astoria, and back across the Queensboro Bridge, where the run ends at the New York Running Company-Eastside store.

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To watch a fly-over of the course, download the Google Earth plugin if prompted.

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