Running preventing knee arthritis

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We wanted to share this piece from yesterday’s New York Times Health and Science section. There’s a misconception out there that running is exclusively harmful for knees. Click the link below to read more about this thoughtful counterpoint:


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  1. Becky says

    I’m 43 and have OA in both my knees, worse in my right. I’m currently taking boot camp classes 4 mornings a week and just started running FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! I’m really please with my success so far but my right knee has started acting up. I really don’t want to give up what little bit of running I do; can you suggest a particular running shoe that might help with the impact, or maybe compression socks or something like that?

    • Eastside says

      Hi there!
      That’s fantastic to hear that you’re getting into running, congratulations! But I’m sorry that knee issues have arisen. The best advice I can give is to stop by our store to get a full gait analysis so that we can recommend the proper shoe for your unique needs. We’ll examine your walk, your arch, and even film you running on our in-store teadmill. This way, we can examine your technique and mechanics, and be able to perscribe the right combination of shoes, orthotics, and compression to nip this ailment in the bud.
      Thanks for your inquiry and happy running!
      -Jen (New York Running Company East Side)

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