Introducing the new Garmin 620!

The Garmin Forerunner 620 has a thinner, sleeker, design compared to its predecessor (the 610). It also has a high resolution color, touch screen, display and many new features. The 620 comes in black/blue or white/orange and with or without a heart rate monitor.

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The new features of the new model are:

  • Water resistance to 50 meters. You can swim with this watch, but it won’t provide swim data (if you’re interested in your swim metrics, see the Garmin 910XT). 
  • 10 hour battery life in GPS mode (up from 8 hours with the 610) and 6 weeks in standby mode.
  • 3 new heart rate monitor metrics (along with the Training Effect from the 610). It is necessary to run with a heart rate monitor for about a week for the heart rate metric to be more accurate.
  • VO2 max estimate should be within +/- 2.7%
  • Recovery Advisor gives an estimate of how much time is required to recover before the user’s next hard effort. Recovery Check will provide you with a real time assessment of recovery within the first mile or so of your current activity.
  • Race Predictor will predict the user’s times for a 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon, and marathon based solely on their estimated VO2 max.
  • The new heart rate monitor-RUN strap functions the same as the previous HRM, but has a built-in accelerometer to give 3 new running dynamics:
    • Cadence
    • Ground contact
    • Vertical oscillation
  • Just like the HRM-RUN and foot pod, the 620 has a built in accelerometer to measure the user’s pace and distance while running without GPS as well as provide cadence information.
  • Connected features (Garmin Connect mobile is required as well as a phone with Bluetooth Smart. Bluetooth smart phones include the iPhone 4S or higher and Android phones in the near future):
    • Live tracking
    • Wirelessly upload data to Garmin Connect
    • Social media sharing
  • Pace alert (formerly known as pace buddy)
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Personal Records
  • Extended timeout can be set to give the user 25 minutes before the watch times out and returns to time of day.
  • Satellite data download: Satellite date from all over the world is downloaded to the watch to make acquiring satellites even faster.
  • Automatically downloads software updates if one is available. You have the option to download it right away or later.
  • Unlike the 610 where you unlock it by swiping the screen to the left, the 620 has a two-step process to avoid accidentally unlocking the watch. To unlock, hit any button other than the light button and then tap the screen.

 Features carried over from the 610 to the 620:

  • Virtual Partner
  • Virtual Pacer
  • Virtual Racer
  • Vibrate alert
  • Touch screen
  • Run-Walk alerts
  • Training effect

Features not moving forward from the 610:

  • Navigation (back to start, way points)
  • Bike mode and bike speed/cadence censor (will be available with a future software update)

The 620 retails for $399.99 without the Heart Rate Monitor-RUN and $449.99 with the HRM-RUN.
















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