Product Review: Brooks Women’s Essential Half-Zip LS

$(KGrHqR,!rQFHZ5f,ocbBS!T17l+jg~~60_35Living here in the Northeast means some pretty chilly runs once November hits, so I’m always on the lookout for things to keep me warm but not bulky. I was really pleased to try the Brooks Essential Half-Zip Long Sleeve, complimentary of Brooks, on a couple of my recent runs.

The shirt is warm enough to be worn on its own when the temperatures start to dip, and it also works well as a base layer or as an outer layer (depending on your preference) once the weather starts dropping further.

The Essential Half-Zip is quite long, with the Large coming below my hips. It features a large back pocket that can hold a phone, keys and energy gel, so there’s almost no reason to carry anything. It’s placed well enough that I almost can’t feel anything.

My only complaint is that, since I have a short neck, I can’t have the zipper zipped up all the way up. I’ll likely need to wear something underneath once it gets very cold. But until then, having it unzipped a bit works just fine in our current 40-and-50 degree weather.

The top comes in two colors, a pretty blue (Helium) and a pink (Pomegranate) and can be found in our store or on for $65.00.


-Allison Nimlos, Sales Associate

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