PRODUCT REVIEW: Trigger Point’s The Grid Foam Roller

The Grid is a revolutionary and environmentally friendly foam roller. It is available in three sizes: Mini (perfect for travel), Regular (perfect for people who are tight on space), and 2.0 (full length).

The Grid is made with less foam than a traditional foam roller and will not break down like a traditional foam roller. It is also able to get deeper into the muscles because of its design. The Grid has three different textures:GRIDdistro

Personally, I find that a traditional foam roller does not get deep enough into my muscles to massage out knots and ends up being a recurring investment since they have to be replaced every so often. The Grid is cost-effective, a great warm up and/or recovery tool, and comes in multiple colors and sizes so you can customize it to your needs. A good foam roller is a tool that every runner should have to help prevent injury and speed up recovery.

Because of how The Grid is constructed, it can also be used as a work-out tool to challenge the muscles that make up our core.


The Grid mini costs $24.99, the regular Grid roller is $39.99, and the Grid 2.0 is priced at $64.99 and it is available in multiple colors.



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