Staying Hydrated in the Winter

thCA5RZR6FStaying hydrated in the hot, humid summer months is something we’re all very well aware of here in New England, but did you know that it’s just as important to stay hydrated in the winter? You might think you can get away with less because you’re not sweating as much, but staying hydrated is a big issue even when it’s frosty out!

That’s because when we breathe, our bodie humidifies and warms the dry outside air. Dry wintry air requires more humidification, so you can lose one to two liters of water a day just by working to humidfy and warming the air you breathe.

Make sure you keep a water bottle, like the ones from Nathan that we sell here at Rye Running Company, close by even if you’re not actively thirsty like you are in the summer. You still need it. And electroytes and fuel are still important to consume as well. Your muscles are working hard to keep you warm while running in the cold, so replenish all the sodium, calcium and glucose that you’ve used up on your run.

Your body will thank you!


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