Women closing gap at New York City Marathon

Paula_Radcliffe_2005Since the first New York City Marathon in 1970, men and women have moved the proverbial needle to greater heights. Or quicker times, if you will. However, in a comparison of progression over 40+ years for men and women, it is women who have recorded the greatest decrease in New York City Marathon times.

In 1971 Beth Bonner set down a 2:55:02 making this the first official run time for women. Most recently, in 2011, Firehiwot Dado set a new record of 2:23:15. This represents a decrease of 32 minutes and 7 seconds.  For men, it was in1970 that Gary Muhrcke ran a 2:31:38 in the first New York City Marathon. 41 years later in 2011, Geoffrey Mutai set the current record of 2:05:06. A decrease of 26 minutes and 32 seconds.

Keep a watch on this trend. It will be interesting to see if it continues this year.



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