Zombies! Run!

‘Tis the season to remember the first rule of Zombieland: Cardio. Runners now have multiple ways to train for the zombie apocalypse so that, when the dead rise, we can band together and survive (and go in search of Twinkies)!

The first training tool for evading flesh eating hordes is the Zombies! Run! app. The old version is available for Windows Phone and the new and improved version is available for Android and iOS devices. In the app, you are Runner 5 – a scout for a post apocalyptic base during the zombie apocalypse tasked with gathering supplies and information while not getting bitten yourself. If you enable the GPS on your phone, you will be engaged in random zombie chases and will have to speed up for about a minute in order to evade them. You can also create your own playlists to be interspersed with parts of the storyline. After a run, you can delegate where all gathered supplies go to increase your base’s population and level.



The app works both outdoors and on a treadmill and will work at any speed, even a walk. It comes with online support called Zombielink where you can upload information over a WiFi connection from the app to see profiles of your speed, a map of your route, and get a status report. It also comes in a 5k training version.zombiesrungame

TheĀ regular app costs $3.99 and the 5k app is $1.99. They can be found at: www.zombiesrungame.com


If you want more hands on, real live scenario, training there are now various race series (typically of the 5k distance) that will allow you to run a simulation of what the zombie apocalypse will really be like. One such race series is Run For Your Lives! This zombie infested 5k obstacle race features real live people who volunteer to be zombies trying to eat your flesh…err…steal your flags. Each runner receives a belt with four flags (like in flag football) to signify health. The zombies are trying to steal those flags from you. If you finish the race with at least one flag, you are considered a survivor of the zombie apocalypse. If you finish without flags you finish as infected. The race does award each runner with a medal that signifies either your survival or zombie transformation.

Obstacles are listed on the race’s website (www.runforyourlives.com) and have included things like mazes, ‘blood’ pools, a smokehouse (full of zombies and the odd electric shocks), mud, and a wall you have to either go over or under to access the safe zone that is the finish line…oh yeah and the hoardes of zombies running after you. Yes…running. They’re not all walkers.

The race features wave starts so everyone gets to have a zombie filled experience and an apocalypse party after finishing and runs are held all over the country.


If running from zombies doesn’t appeal as much as trying to eat the flesh of the living….or steal people’s flags as it were…you can volunteer to beĀ  a zombie and the race provides makeup artists to turn zombie volunteers into the gruesome undead.


Remember, cardio is going to be very important during the zombie apocalypse and if you have to stand your ground and fight, always aim for the headshot before turning tail and fleeing!


Happy Halloween and Happy Running! You don’t want to end up like this guy!


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