Garmin enters the fitness tracking game with the new Vivofit

Garmin has had the GPS market locked down for as long as there have been GPS watches, and now they have introduced a competitor to the Nike Fuelband and FitBit, the Vivofit.

VivofitWe were very excited to open up our new shipment of Garmin Vivofits and try them on. Garmin has long been one of the most reliable brands when it comes to tracking distance and pace throughout a workout, as well as making very slick, attractive products. We have been getting more and more questions about the “Fitness Tracker” units such as the Jawbone, FitBit, Nike Fuelband, and Polar LOOP (which we have carried since last December). Polar and Garmin set themselves apart in this category by working in sync with a heart rate monitor to give a more accurate reading of what you have done each day.

In addition to the heart rate compatibility, the Vivofit syncs via Bluetooth Smart with compatible smartphones for wireless uploading of your day’s activities to Garmin Connect. For the Vivofit, Garmin has rolled out a new Garmin Connect dashboard to shoe your total steps, calories burned, and percentage of your target goals that your have achieved. 


Garmin’s Vivofit, like other 24-hour fitness trackers, will track your sleep cycles and help you set ideal goals. This can be turned on by holding the side button for 5 seconds until the display reads: SLEEP, or if you forget to enter into sleep mode, you can enter in the hours that your slept for the previous night, and the watch can look back at that time frame and get the correct data.


The Vivofit retails for $129 for the wrist unit, or $169 when bundled with the heart rate strap.





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