Let’s Talk Visibility!

Are you visible enough?

The days are getting shorter again! and that means more of us runners will be cranking out our daily miles by moonlight. Do you have enough visibility gear to stay safe during these darker months? you might not be as visible as you think you are! check out this surprising video below that illustrates just how important reflective gear can be. How many runners do you see?

Not all “visibility” is created equal.

The video above shows that we cant get by on just the bright and flashy colors alone. However, even when wearing reflective materials you still require somebody to shine their lights on you. The best type of visibility is active visibility,  which combines reflective materials as well as bright lighting such as blinking LEDs to provide maximum visibility. We have a few products here at Roadrunner that do just that,  such as the Photon LED vest by Nathan ($34.99).  This vest is a great option for those runners looking to stay safe while running after daylight hours.


Relectivity isn’t just for apparel.

This fall many different footwear brands have released “winter editions” of many of their most popular shoes. Asics has the Lite-Show versions of both the Cumulus and Nimbus 15, while Nike has the Shield edition in many of their core footwear products. Both of these editions provide added reflectivity as well as a more water resistant upper material.  We took a few pictures to show the difference that reflective material can make!



Stay safe out there!

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