Product Spotlight: Adidas Supernova Glide 6

The Adidas Supernova Glide 6 has been updated, in a BIG way!


If you’re not familiar with Adidas’ new boost material, then you’re in for a real treat today! The new boost material is a midsole compound that has the potential to revolutionize running shoes as you know them. Debuting last summer in the Energy Boost, This premium cushion material is not only incredibly soft, but also incredibly responsive. With traditional EVA midsole foam (what’s been used in running shoes for decades.) you’d either have to pick a softer, plusher feel or a firmer, more responsive feel. With boost you get the best of both.

With the Glide 6, Adidas has started introducing this premium cushion into some of their more “everyday” trainers. The new Glide 6 now features a dual layer midsole, comprised of a layer of Boost underneath a layer of traditional EVA foam. While this shoe doesn’t have the pure 100% boost feel of the Energy Boost, it does still retain that responsiveness mixed with a more stable feeling footbed.GlideBoost2

The midsole of the Glide isnt the only part of the shoe to get a facelift. The upper features a new “engineered” mesh. An engineered mesh is different from a standard air mesh, in the sense that it comes pre-shaped in the shape of the foot. rather than stitching together flat pieces of mesh to create the shoe. This upper reduces overlays and stiching across the top of the foot and across the toebox, while still retaining some structure. The result is a natural fit through the front of the foot.GlideBoost3

The Glide 6 is an excellent option for somebody looking to try this revolutionary new midsole material, but still looking for a more traditional fit than that of the Energy Boost. Not only does the mixture of Boost and EVA provide a more stable feel. but the outersole is more durable, and features more Continental rubber, which provides excellent traction.GlideBoost6


The Glide 6 Boost is available now in-store for $129.99.

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