Richmond Marathon Pre-Race Checklist!

The Richmond Marathon is upon us! Do you have everything you need for success on (and after) raceday?


The Richmond Marathon is less than a week away. While we probably wont see freezing temperatures like we had this past weekend, you can still bet that it’ll be at least a little chilly on race day morning.  So how do you dress for a chilly morning, but still be prepared for the late morning warm up? Layers! We reccomend a lightweight breathable base layer made of a wicking material, normally short sleeved, underneath a  warmer outer layer such as a half-zip or jacket this way you’re able to adapt to the changing weather around you as well as your own internal body temperature. A good rule of thumb is to dress as if it were 15° warmer outside. We’ve attached the weather report below, along with a race day check list to help you prepare for saturday morning.


Race-Day Checklist

  • Race Apparel
    • Jacket
    • Shirt
    • Shorts / tights?
    • Hat & gloves
    • Lightweight socks
  • Accessories
    • Sunglasses
    • GPS Watch
  • Nutrition
    • Energy gels (GU, Accel, Powerbar, Clif)
    • recovery drinks (Accelerade, Endurox)
  • Post Race / Injury prevention
    • Calf sleeves
    • Massage stick
    • Body Glide
    • Plantar Fascia massage (FootRubz / lacrosse or golf  ball)

Come on by the store for any of your last minute needs, or see us at our booth at the expo!

Good Luck,

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