Road Runner Running Store’s “Run This Town” 5K Training Programs

Whether you are new to running or an experienced road racer, Road Runner Running Store’s 5k Training Program will cater to your individual needs, goals and abilities – giving you individualized coaching, a specific training plan, and the support system of people to run and train with; Everything you need to challenge yourself this summer to improve your running abilities and 5k times.


There is no shortage of great Richmond running events late-Spring, early-Summer, but often time many runners enjoy the warm weather as a break between the Monument Avenue 10K and the Richmond Marathon, Half Marathon, and 8K.  We hope to challenge Richmond area runners to focus on improving their 5k abilities instead.  Even if your end goal is to run marathons, improving your ability at the comparatively shorter distance of 5k improves your running form, your aerobic & anaerobic capacities, and your mental toughness;  all things that translate upwards in distance, allowing you to improve the running foundation that your eventual marathon or half marathon training will depend on.  Also for those of you new to the sport, the 5K is a great starting distance for any new runner to learn about and grow their passion for running.


Our Run This Town 5K training program will focus on improving the foundations of your running; form, endurance and speed.   By evaluating your current abilities, we will aid you in setting solid realistic goals for improving your training routine to help you push yourself while also training smarter.  Training smarter rather than just harder will allow you to recover between runs and workouts, and avoid injury.   This in turn will increase your potential for significant improvements in your racing ability.  Our hope is to take in runners that are motivated to lower their racing times and to give them the guidance and support system to make it happen, regardless if your goal is to win your age group, or finish a 5k in under 40 minutes.

The key difference between our training program and something that you can find online or in a book is that the training will be individualized to you.  To your current abilities, to your training schedule, and to your racing goals.

Our coaches include Runners that ran throughout high school and college for their school teams, Runners that have coached both High School and College athletes, and Runners that are new to the sport and have been improving this year just like we want you to!

With our training program, you will receive:

– A current running fitness assessment, including stride evaluation (This is not meant to replace a doctor’s physical assessment, which is strongly recommended before taking on any new training regimen).  Reducing inefficiencies in your running form adds up over time, allowing you to spend a higher percentage of your energy on going faster!

– Goal-setting session with our coaches – Goals can be anything!  Including: To run a 5K without stopping, run a 5K in less than 30 minutes, run a 5k a minute faster than last year, or to go for the Win!  If we get you to your goal before the end of the program, then we will reassess and work towards a new goal.

– An 8-Week training program that is tailored to help YOU reach YOUR goals. This will include group run opportunities with other members and our coaches. Along the way we will teach you about training techniques, running nutrition, stretching, running form, rest and recovery, injury prevention, and running gear.  The training plan will not be set in stone.  A proper training plan must be fluid, reacting to how you respond to the training, and adjusting whenever necessary.

– Some sweet Road Runner Running Store SWAG! T-shirts, socks, and other goodies to sport around the city!

– At the end of our program, we will plan on running at least one of the many great 5Ks taking place in our neighborhood in the month of July. These include the RRRC’s Cul-de-Sac 5K Series, Maymont’s Glow Run 5K, the Pony Pasture 5K, and the RRRC Summer Track Series 5000m. The great thing about the 5K distance is that you can run several over the course of this program without “burning out” and in fact, multiple races can give us the chance to dial in the perfect pre-race nutrition and warm-up, as well as build confidence towards goal races!

– Above all, we hope to INSPIRE you every day to reach for your goals!

Important info:

General Information Session: Wednesday, May 21st – 7pm at Road Runner Running Store – Brief overview of the program, Q&A with the coaches and staff followed by a short fun run.

Program Dates: May 27 – July 21, 2014

Registration Fee: $40

For now we will tentatively plan to meet twice a week; Tuesdays at 6:00pm, and Saturdays at 8:30am.  However these days/times can be adjusted to fit into your schedule and other Group Runs will also be taking place on other days of the week that will give you more opportunity to run with others!

To register, please use our online form at:


For questions or concerns, please email Tim Jones at tjonesruns@gmail and include ‘RUN THIS TOWN’ in the subject.

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