Staff Profile: Andrew Kirk

Meet Andrew, sales associate at Road Runner Running Store, who was hired in 2010.

andrew kirk road runner running store

Andrew began running in high school as a way to get ready for wrestling. He discovered that he was faster than his older brothers and decided to continue running instead. While he has never competed collegiately, Andrew has made running a focus of his life and strives to improve himself. Like any runner he has experienced injuries and setbacks (including a mean case of IT band syndrome! He credits his recovery to his religious use of foam rollers) during training which has led him to explore different training methods and ideas.

If prompted for his favorite part of working at Road Runner, he will simply reply, “I get to talk about running all day, who wouldn’t like that?” Of course there is more to it than that. He wants to make sure every person he helps has the opportunity and the means to enjoy the sport as much as he does.

Growing up in rural Virginia, Andrew was accustomed to running through the woods or on narrow roads with no shoulders. Lucky for him, the Richmond roads are wider. Plus, he loves running through trails and woods in the unique urban environment that Richmond provides. For fun trail runs he points to the Buttermilk and North Bank trails situated on either side of the James River. Or, if you are willing to drive, Pocahontas State Park is a favorite of his.

Currently a student at VCU, Andrew strives to become an ecologist and you can see why. Talk to him long enough and you are sure to see him beam when talking about nature, particularly rivers and mountains. Besides running and nature, he is very passionate about Oakland A’s baseball and Major League Baseball in general despite having never played the sport growing up.

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