Staff Profile: Chris Mazella

Meet Chris Mazella, sales associate at Road Runner Running Store who was hired in 2013.

chrismazellaChris Mazella, a Buffalo, NY, native, has been running since 2002 when he first joined track in 7th grade. Mazella continued running all through high school and even ran cross country in college at Keuka College, in the Finger Lakes Region of New York. He now enjoys training for races of all distances and types, including adventure races like the Tough Mudder. Being from Buffalo, he also doesn’t mind running in a few feet of snow.

Mazella’s favorite parts about working at Road Runner Running Store are being around runners more talented than he is to see how they go about their training regime, and also being able to lead group runs a couple times a week. Mazella has thoroughly enjoyed the community involvement done by the store, and believes it has made his living experience in Richmond so much more enjoyable.

Mazella’s advice to new runners is, “If you have a goal, stick with it! I know I’m definitely not the fastest person out there, but I’ve learned by working at Road Runner that your times and speed are all relative! Strive to do what you’re capable of, don’t be afraid to ask for advice, and give whatever you’ve got. You’ll only continue to see success!”

When he’s not working at the running store, Mazella teaches 7th grade history for Richmond City Public Schools. He’ll gladly elaborate on how badass Teddy Roosevelt is, or indulge a great deal of other fun historical anecdotes while on a run if you’re ever interested!



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