Staff Profile: Jackie Moloney

Meet Jackie Moloney, sales associate at Road Runner Running Store, who was hired in 2013.

Jackie started running distance events in high school. Upon entering college she realized half marathons and marathons were a good way to stay motivated every summer. She has since completed three half marathons and two full marathons. It’s safe to say they won’t be her last.

Her favorite aspect of working at Road Runner is getting to talk to new runners and tell them all the things she wish she knew about running before she worked at a running store. She is now an avid supporter of foam rollers, proper race nutrition, and refuses to wear cotton socks.

Her favorite place to run in the area is through Maymont Park because it’s got some good hills and you might see some cool animals!

Jackie is from Chicago, IL, and her proudest running moment was finishing her first marathon there in 2011. Being used to the Midwest climate, she would rather run in 10 degree weather over 90 degree weather any day of the week.

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