The Richmond Runners’ Trophy Wall!

What do you do with all of the race numbers, bibs, and trophies from your races? There are countless ways that you can celebrate your runs, such as this idea that we LOVE from one of our best customers, Dee Shackford!:


We would like to give you one more option in the form of the “Richmond Runners Trophy Wall”! Bring in any memento you have that celebrates your run, and we will let you own a section of our store! Once we have your piece up on the wall, you can be sure that it will stay there for years to come for you and the rest of the city to view!

RRTrophyWallWe have a few pieces up now but we would love to have these walls COVERED with memories from the runners that make our city so great! Any who donate to this project will receive a Road Runner sticker and 30% off of one piece of Road Runner apparel!



Thanks RVA! Have a great run!


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