The Runners Loop: Are You In The Loop?

A very common problem many runners often face is heel slippage. This can be caused by having a shoe that is slightly too wide in the heel. Many runners with a wider forefoot and a narrower heel often resign themselves to this annoyance and chalk it up to “something they’ll get used to.” However, it can be remedied by using this simple lacing technique.

The Runners Loop

  1. Start by unlacing the top eyelets on both sides of the foot.RunnersLoop2
  2. Pull the lace through the back-most eyelet.RunnersLoop3
  3. Thread the lace back in through the front eyelet. Leave some slack in the lace, creating a loop.RunnersLoop4
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 on the other side, making an identical loop on both sides of the foot.RunnersLoop5
  5. Cross the laces putting the lace through the opposite loops. This creates sort of a “pully system” to spread the tension across the ankle, rather than on top of the foot.RunnersLoop6
  6. To tie the shoe, begin by tightening the laces by working up the foot removing any slack that might be there.  Then pull from the back of the loops we created to finish securing the foot.
  7. Pull the laces out and down, as illustrated below, to lock the laces into placeRunnersLoop7RunnersLoop8
  8. Finsh by tying the laces as you normally would. Bunny ears, loop and pull, Whichever method makes you happy.RunnersLoop9
  9. Test it out by running!

I have seen many methods for this technique. So, we’ll call this variation “The RoadRunner’s Loop”! I prefer this method beacuse I feel by using the back-most eyelets first, the heel is locked in place a little bit more securely.

Hope this helps!

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