Wednesday Evening Group Runs

Wednesday Evening Group Runs

Join us for FREE 5 mile all-comers group runs on Wednesday evenings! Paces for the runs range from 7 minutes/mile to 10 minutes per mile. It is a big group so you’ll find someone who shares your pace! Our shoe reps come to most of these runs, so there are lots of fun perks such […]

A local route to run some hills

Looking for a good challenge without leaving town? Here it is!

YES! Now you’re running outside again! Great! I talked about hill training in my last post about treadmill running. Westfield has hills, if you don’t live on the Northside of Westfield, now is your chance to go and check it out! I have stitched these roads into some of my runs throughout the years. Even […]

Lawrenceville-Hopewell Trail (LHT)

If you ran around Rosedale Park or the nearby surrounding area about a year or two ago, you undoubtedly have seen signs announcing the new Lawrenceville-Hopewell Trail. Like so: You probably got excited. As runners, the idea of a new, unexplored local place to run naturally sends tingles down our spines. Uncharted territory! A rare […]

Ridgewood 4 Miler


Starting at the Ridgewood Running Company, this route is a loop around town. This 4 mile loop has a few light hills, but it relatively flat.  First heading north, the run passes Graydon Park within the first half mile. You’ll head east on Meadow Brook Avenue, towards the Valley Health System just after the mile marker. The second mile […]