Sale, Socks and Races.

It’s weird what runners get excited about sometimes. Running down a street with a papery plasticky thing pinned onto your favorite shirt, socks that don’t cause hot spots or blisters, and a good deal on the stuff that keeps us comfortable when we get out there and huff and puff. It’s important to be comfortable while being uncomfortable, because running is a hard sport. A couple of guys that work here made it look easy, though. Moses, and Richard represented well by getting 2nd and 4th at the IBM Uptown Classic.

Socks. Socks. Socks. I really like socks. Having the right socks can make your life at lot easier. We have our own socks now. I can represent Running Company to the fullest , and be comfortable to the fullest.Socks, Sockies, Socks. Life is good.

Starting at the end of the week we will be having a sale on older clothing items, and on some certain shoes. Check back, or even better…c’mon in this weekend. We’ll have fast guys, socks, and a sale going.


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