Update: Brooks Pure Flow 3

The Pure Flow has been a favorite of those who prefer something a little lighter, a little lower, a little more, you know, flowy.

With the third incarnation, we see the first complete top to bottom update.


The upper now fits cleaner and closer, thanks to a few new modifications.  The asymmetrical lacing now tracks toward the little toes, rather than toward the big toe, to more closely follow the contour of the foot.  The burrito wrap tongue now opens to the lateral side of the shoe, wrapping and supporting the arch better.  And the NavBand now extends beyond the upper/midsole connection and inserts now closer to the outsole, again to improve the midfoot support.


The midsole and outsole have been improved as well.  The DNA drop ins have been removed and the new BioMoGo/DNA midsole compound provides a smoother, more durable, more resilient ride.  The Ideal Heel has been rounded more, to allow for a more forward touchdown.  Blown rubber in the forefoot has been shaped to provide a more complete, connected platform under the medial side for a more solid push off.  And the split toe has been moved away from the big toe toward the second/third toe, again to provide a more stable, solid toe off.

This is the best Pure Flow yet.

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