Your oxygen mask

Bullcreekgreenbelt2You know how, when you fly, the flight attendants stand up there in front of everyone and deliver the requisite talk about safety and all, you know, what to do in case of emergency?

Part of that speech is always about how, in case of emergency, the oxygen mask will drop from the overhead and you’re supposed to put it over your own face before you put it on the child or other person in need.  The idea is that you have to make sure that you are well enough to take care of others.

Think of your daily exercise, your daily activity, your daily practice–whatever it is–as your oxygen mask.  You have to put on your oxygen mask, daily, so you can help others, so you can inspire others.  You need to be a better you–a healthier you, a happier you, a fitter you–so you can be better at all the things you do.

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